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Lawncare Services Swansea
The Evergreen Lawncare services can help provide a great looking lawn all year round. A well maintained and cared for lawn will look healthy, green, dense and free of weeds and moss.

The Evergreen Basic Lawncare Service Package includes:

  • Full Risk Assessment - (Where required)
  • Lawn Mowing – to keep the grass at an appropriate height for an aesthetically pleasing and functional lawn
  • Lawn Strimming – it’s just like lawn mowing, but for the edges of your garden where the mowers can’t reach
  • Lawn Cleanup – High pressure blowers to clear paths, all waste disposed to agency standards

Most of our customers opt for the basic mow & strim, which starts from only £10. This is what we recommend for well maintained gardens, with other services only recommended where required. This helps us keep our costs as low as possible, while still delivering excellent results.

5 Advantages Of A Well-Maintained Lawn

  • Aesthetics: A freshly cut lawn simply looks great!
  • Erosion Protection: Healthy, dense lawns absorb rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field, and prevents run off and erosion of top soil. This helps the environment.
  • Increases Property Value: Various studies carried out in recent years suggest garden services are one of the top home improvements which add the most value to a home.
  • Improves Air Quality: All plants, including your lawn helps to improve air quality by producing oxygen. A well-maintained lawn will have a developed root system, increasing the quality of the soil. This in turn promotes healthier growth in the surrounding plants and trees.
  • It’s Less Expensive in the Long Run: Keeping your lawn consistently maintained allows us to pick up any problems early, and provide immediate treatment before the problems worsen.
    We also charge less when customers sign up to our weekly service throughout the Spring and Summer. It’s a lot less work to mow a lawn with 3-inch high grass than it is 30-inch high grass!

Additional Services We Provide:

Seasonal Treatments – such as fertilizer and disease treatment/protection specific to the time of year and your gardens needs.

Aeration – to improve drainage and irrigation.

Over-seeding – additional grass seed to repair any damaged areas.

We can restore your lawn to its former glory and advise you on whether your lawn needs any additional treatments. Often the colour or thickness on lawns can deteriorate with time due to the local eco-system. We can apply the correct micro-nutrients and lawncare practices to truly bring it back to looking like the day it was laid.

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