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Patio Cleaning and Maintenance
Patio Cleaning and Maintenance can help provide an aesthetically pleasing patio or driveway for the years ahead. A well maintained and regularly cleaned patio will suffer less wear and tear and will often last for decades. In this page we will describe the most common types of materials we encounter and the best ways to keep them in good shape.

The Evergreen full deep clean and patio repair service:

  • Full Risk Assessment - (Where required)
  • Power Washing - to deep clean
  • Pointing - to repair mortar and broken tiles
  • Sealing - adds an additional layer of protection and weed prevention

Below are some common materials used in paving of paths, patios and driveways along with a brief explanation of Evergreens recommended cleaning methods. Once we have conducted an initial deep clean and repair, we can provide an annual maintenance visit to keep your surface looking clean and protected all year around.

Natural Stone
Limestone, Granite, Sandstone and Sawn are all beautiful natural materials that have grown in popularity in recent years. The qualities of natural stone make it especially porous and in turn susceptible to algae, moss and black spots of lichen. This can quickly make natural stone turn discoloured and black. Natural stone can become slippery and unrecognisable.

We can restore the stone to its former glory and advise you on whether your patio would be suitable for sealing. Often the pointing on stone patios can deteriorate with time and the elements. We can also repoint your stone patio to truly bring it back to looking like the day it was laid.

Block Paving
Moss, weeds and biological growth are the main cause of stained, discoloured and untidy looking block paving. Block paving is designed to be robust and it will generally put up with a regular pressure wash.

We would recommend an annual pressure wash to remove any weeds, a re-sand to maintain the stability, also a chemical post treatment to clean and protect the blocks. We also generally advise an application of weed killer to keep the block paving looking its best all year. staining from oil, paint or other sources can also detract from otherwise clean block paving and we may also be able to help you with this.

Concrete Paving
One of the most common materials found is concrete paving. Often Concrete paving has an attractive smooth skim or moulded finish. This can often be done to imitate natural stone. This finish is very delicate and repeated or high pressure washing can remove this finish and expose the aggregate that makes up the flag stones. This destroys the look of the paving and will make it more susceptible to future biological growth and staining. We would recommend a low pressure chemical clean of this type of surface to preserve the finish and keep it looking great.

Tarmac Driveways
Tarmac is susceptible to general dirt, wear and tear and the way it holds water on the surface makes it a breeding ground for moss. Tarmac can be quite soft so great care needs to be taken if using a pressure washer as the pressure needs to be adjusted accordingly. We can clean your tarmac drive and treat the moss to kill it off and prevent it from returning.

Wooden Decking
Wooden Decking and external furniture can be a beautiful material that softens and balances other surfaces. Planned maintenance is required to keep Decking in optimum condition, as algae and fungus can turn a deck into a slimy slippery mess very quickly.

We can restore your deck, treat it to prevent algae growth and keep it clean and safe. Treating the deck will also prevent the onset of rot which is the biggest enemy of a decks lifespan.

Whether you have an IPE hardwood deck or a common pressure treated pine material, we can strip, restore, enhance, colour and seal it for you. Composite Decking is increasingly popular and is much less susceptible to biological growth, however an annual clean is advised to keep it clean and grip-able.

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